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Greater Joy Church 

Headquaters Location

Rocky Mount Campus


Greater Joy Church - North

Roanoke Rapids, NC


Greater Joy Church - Butner

Butner, NC


Greater Joy is a Place. . .

  • where people can come to receive encouragement for their journey.

  • where miracles, signs, and wonders occur every time you come together.

  • where you never limit God.

  • where the weak become strong and the poor become rich, by the preaching of the Word.

  • where faith can be built up and restored.

  • where a fresh anointing takes place every time you congregate.

  • to heal the broken-hearted and restore broken marriages and families

  • of repentance and where deliverance takes place.

  • where the Holy Spirit will not just visit, but dwell.

  • where there is unity among the brethren with one mind and that is to serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

Greater Joy is "A Place of Restoration" where we believe every person who comes through our doors is sent by God so that we can minister to him or her in every way. We believe in preaching and teaching the Bible in such a way that lives are changed and families are made stronger. We believe in supporting each other and encouraging each other in good and bad times. 

Bishop C. Shelton Daniel announced the beginning of Greater Joy on August 3, 2008. A vision was shared and unfolded. On August 12, 2008, he met with 14 other adults to help from the very basic assets of church ministry- music, ushers, Christian Education and administration to name a few. The first Sunday of services, September 7, 2008, was a huge success. We open the doors of the church with more than 100 visitors.

We are committed to restoring the broken-hearted to the family of God through our ministries, focusing on evangelism, worship, fellowship and ministry.


God will work it out. You just defeated the enemy. Whatever you need Him to do, you just defeated the enemy. Faith will shift in the house when people get together and begin to pray. 

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